Thank you for visiting the WunderMill  submission portal for the Cornell Lab Publishing Group and Persnickety Press.  

At this time, we are accepting submissions for children’s books for 2021 and beyond (or if fully completed, fall 2020 opportunistically). 

To begin the submission process, complete the form below (fields with asterisks are required) and upload your manuscript and relevant documents. If you wish to upload art, you may email art to (please make sure that you include “ART SUBMISSION – Your Name” in the subject header so we can pair with your digital submission (we use HEYPUBLISHER!). Following your submission, you will receive notice of successful submission and upload, followed by further email status from us. We typically review submissions in a 3 month cycle, so you will hear from us within that submission review window. All books that relate to birds should be submitted to the Cornell Lab Publishing Group. Books for all other topics should be submitted to Persnickety Press. Thank you for your submission!

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