Book Submissions

Thank you for your interest in the Cornell Lab Publishing Group. We welcome submissions from both new and previously published authors based on our guidelines below for the following genres that relate to our mission of engaging people of all ages to discover, appreciate and protect birds:

  • Children’s Books (fiction & non-fiction):
    • Board Books
    • Picture Books (especially STEM oriented)
    • Early Reader
    • Chapter Books
    • Reluctant Reader Books
  • YA Tween & Teen Books (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Adult Books:
    • Bird guides
    • Non-fiction other than bird guides (e.g., DIY)
    • Photographic / Coffee Table Books
    • Fiction / Novels
    • Adult Coloring Book
    • Games & Puzzles

All books (especially children’s and YA titles) need to have scientific / didactic content baked in, but in a beautiful and engaging presentation where it is fun to learn and absorb. *NOTE* We DO NOT accept books with birds that are anthropomorphized.

We currently DO NOT accept unsolicited manuscripts through the mail, only on this system.


To submit a title query to us and be considered for publication, you must complete BOTH steps and forms in the submission process below. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

STEP 1: Complete all required information fields in the SUBMISSION FORM below. You may leave optional fields blank but the form will not process unless all required fields are completed.

STEP 2: Establish a user name and password through our HeyPublisher SUBMIT YOUR WRITING form and upload your outline, treatment, proposal or manuscript through this engine. This system will allow us to verify your submission and communicate with you throughout our review process seamlessly. When you submit your title materials, you must do so in ONE SINGLE DOCUMENT (ONLY PDF, MICROSOFT WORD, TEXT OR RTF files are accepted, do not attempt to upload eps, jpg, or other image files), which must include:

  • BOOK PROPOSAL (REQUIRED): Book Proposal with outline or treatment (narrative description about the book and story / content flow), including your credentials or resume, and any previous books published with ISBNs. The format of this file needs to be MICROSOFT WORD (preferred), text or RTF only.
  • MANUSCRIPT OR SAMPLE CHAPTERS (OPTIONAL, except for new authors*): Manuscript and sample chapters – highly recommended

* For new authors, a minimum of 3 chapters or 20% of title content must be submitted for consideration)


Once your submission is received it will be considered by our editorial team, which will assess content, subject matter, suitability for our imprint and its chances of success in the market. If the editor considers the work to be appropriate and of sufficient quality, you will be asked to submit your complete manuscript for further consideration before a decision is made on whether we will make an offer to publish. All our submissions that make it through to the final stages of review are put forward for an author offer and contract.

Thank you for your submission and we hope to welcome you to the Cornell Lab Publishing Group family!

Best Regards,

Brian Scott Sockin, CEO / Publisher

Submission Form