Summer on Earth


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Author: Peter Thompson
Cover Design: Brian Sockin

Target: Ages 4–8
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 296
Dimensions: 6″ x 9″

The night that eleven-year-old Grady Johnson looked out his window and wished upon a shooting star, his life changed forever.

Grady, his Ma, and younger sister Luanne are having a hard summer. Dad has died and the family isn’t the same. Though Ma is trying her best, Grady knows they don’t have enough money to get by.


The shooting star he saw was a space craft plunging to Earth, and landing at the back of their farm. Extraterrestrial engineer Ralwil Turth has one goal, to fi x his power drive and go back home. But things don’t go as planned.

Stuck in human form, he gets to know Grady and his family as he works on their farm. He starts to learn about what it means to be human, and the exotic charms of this planet like the taste of potatoes, and how amazing bugs are. As Ralwil grows to care for Grady and his family, he comes up with a plan to help them, sure it will solve all their problems. But when trouble comes, the family’s survival and Ralwil’s very life are on the line.

Can Grady nd the courage to help his family and save his friend?

Author Information

Peter Thompson remembers how excited he was when he watched the live television transmission of the rst astronaut stepping on to the moon. Since that moment, he began to appreciate the vastness of space and the possibility of the existence of alien civilizations.

Award-winning author of Living Proof, this is Peter’s rst novel for young readers, born from his love of reading children’s books to his three sons. Peter Thompson grew up in Illinois and lives with his family outside of Chicago. He can be reached through his website,


“Thompson’s best writing is seen in creating the voice of Ralwil, where readers can experience common practices, such as eating smores and walking through the grocery store, with alien eyes. The story itself moves quickly and has an original plot….With the scope of characters, both young and adult, the infusion of humor, and important themes buried beneath an interesting plot, it is reminiscent of Hoot and will appeal to a broad audience.”

— Kate Nafz, Consumer

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