Beauty and the Beak



Author: Deborah Lee Rose and Jane Veltkamp

Target: Ages 5–13
Format: Hardcover & Softcover Editions
Pages: 48
Dimensions: 10″ x 10″
Publisher: Persnickety Press

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Bank Street “Cook Prize” for best STEM book in the U.S.

Now a Junior Library Guild selection

Eureka! Gold Award for Nonfiction, California Reading Association

AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books Winner


The inspiring story of a Bald Eagle and her 3D-printed prosthetic beak.

The release of BEAUTY AND THE BEAK was timed for 2017 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bald Eagle being named an endangered species and the 10th anniversary of the Bald Eagle being removed from the endangered and threatened species list.

Explore 16 pages of back matter about the Bald Eagle, our national bird and symbol, including a special section from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAK is a rare STEAM entry, speaking to topics of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (with a little history thrown in too).



Rescued in Alaska, Beauty is brought by raptor biologist Janie Veltkamp to her Birds of Prey Northwest raptor center in Idaho. Jane knows Beauty needs a new beak if she is to survive. Janie teams up with engineer Nate Calvin to design a prosthetic beak and make it with a 3D printer. After many months of design, testing, and retesting—and three hours of intense beak surgery—Beauty’s new beak is finally attached. But will it work?

Beauty’s inspiring, true story, told here with stunning photographs, has captured the hearts of both children and adults ever since her pioneering surgery. She is a symbol of how human innovation is combining science, engineering, and technology to offer hope for animals (as well as humans) challenged by the loss of a limb or other body part from injury or disease.

Beauty and the Beak is compatible with Bird QR for readers to hear bald eagle sounds and access other content.

About the Authors

Deborah Lee Rose is an internationally published, award-winning author of children’s books including the new Scientists Get Dressed (Persnickety Press, September 2019), Beauty and the Beak, the alphabet classic Into the A,B,Sea, the humorous counting classics The Twelve Days of Kindergarten and The Twelve Days of Winter, Jimmy the Joey, and more. Deborah helped create and directed communications for the ALA/AASL honored STEM activity website She was also Director of Communications for Lindsay Wildlife Experience, which includes the first wildlife hospital in the U.S. Visit

Janie Veltkamp is a raptor biologist and rehabilitator, wildlife educator, trained nurse, and master falconer. She has lifetime care of Beauty the Bald Eagle and led the engineering team who made Beauty’s prosthetic beak. Jane is founding director of Birds of Prey Northwest, in Idaho, which educates the public about raptor conservation, including through live raptor programs, and has provided medical treatment and rehabilitation to thousands of injured birds of prey. She is the eagle expert for the Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s Native American Aviaries. Visit


CALIFORNIA READS Teacher Recommended List, California Teachers Association

“Outstanding full-page photographs accompany this uplifting account. Many resources for further study and additional information on the life cycle of eagles, their habitats, and their near extinction and recovery are appended. Highly valuable for elementary schoolers as a lesson in empathy; an inspiring addition to STEM collections.”

— School Library Journal

“Three words: 3D. Printed. Beak. Oh, COME ON. You aren’t impressed? Well check out the backmatter on this book and you will be. It’s insane!” — Betsy Bird

— School Library Journal

“Solid information about bald eagles in the wild is woven into the story, and lengthy backmatter describes eagle physical characteristics and protection efforts. Resources include web connections and QR codes to be used with a Cornell Lab of Ornithology app. Offer this heartwarming example of animal rehabilitation to fans of Winter’s Tail, by Juliana, Isabella, and Craig Hatkoff (2009), and similar stories.”


Readers will be fascinated by the photographs of Beauty before, during, and after the beak attachment, and although the story concludes abruptly, following the successful surgery, substantial end notes explore Beauty’s progress, bald eagles in general, and the threats they face.”

— Publisher’s Weekly

“An uplifting tale…Beauty’s story and the success of efforts to protect Bald Eagles demonstrate the importance of wildlife conservation. Beauty and the Beak makes these concepts accessible to young readers, and encourages them to grow into environmentally- conscious and responsible adults.”

— Birding Wire

“Beauty and the Beak is a fascinating, true story of compassion. Perfectly supported by stunning photographs throughout and informative back matter, this inspiring story shouldn’t be missed.”

— The Times Herald

“This is a great book for helping young minds to understand the importance of wildlife conservation…it brings out the modern ability of using a consortium of people with various skills…The combined technological skills for the coding of the 3-D printer, the dental surgical skills for attaching the prosthesis, and the design efforts to create a life-like beak for Beauty are truly astonishing and quite an encouragement for future generations.”

— Goodreads

From Dr. Karen L. Ostlund, Hands-on Science for undergraduate pre-service elementary teachers, The University of Texas at Austin; past president, National Science Teachers Association 2012-2013: “Not only does this book tell the poignant story of human compassion and ingenuity, but it is an inspiration for promoting the value of STEM education. The story of Beauty and the beak is sure to touch the hearts and minds of everyone!”



Librarians and educators can contact coauthor Jane Veltkamp via her raptor center website ( to purchase a life-size, 3D-printed model of Beauty’s prosthetic beak and/or the STL file for 3D printing a life-size model of the beak.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAK is a beautiful and content-rich book that can be used for STEM, STEAM and E-STEM.


Beauty and the Beak Educational Guide Available Now!


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